Sunday, July 25, 2010

Week 2: Brisbane and Sunshine Coast!

I promised I'd upload the picture of the Koala! 

This past week has been amazing! My roommates and I have officially settled into our pretty apartment and are all starting to become more accustomed to the Brisbane area. I live in South Bank which is a really nice area of the city. You can see the entire city from the South Bank and if you just cross the nearby bridge you're downtown. I've had the chance to go on 3 mile jogs right around the harbor/city area which makes running that much better!
All of my roommates are from all over America minus my friend from Columbia. They're pretty cool roommates :)

Since we are starting school this week, we had a free week to explore all of Brisbane. I love to go the West End area where I buy all my fresh fruit and veggies. Not too far is a grocery store and several other shops. We go into the city almost everyday since it is so close. There are always things going on downtown. My friends and I go out almost every night. There are several fun clubs/bars that cater to students, which has been a fun way to meet everyone. This past week was my roommate's birthday. Which we celebrated very well.  I'm not sure if I've ever been out this many nights at a time... hehe
Also, orientation was this past week. Tomorrow will be the first day at Uni. The University of Queensland is absolutely beautiful (pictures to come). It looks different than any campus I've ever seen. I'm excited to start classes and have a routine. I'm taking a lighter load which will be nice while here in Brisbane.
Lastly, my friend Alejandra and I just got back today from spending the weekend at the Sunshine Coast (a.k.a. the beach). It's basically like a Miami, but obviously cooler. The beach was gorgeous even though it wasn't warm enough to swim. Once Spring begins in a month or so, we'll definitely be going back to the beach often to hit the waves. The Sunshine Coast is a popular spot to go to on weekends here in Brisbane. The nightlife there is also something. It reminds me a lot of Vegas. There are a lot of interesting people walking around and just craziness everywhere.

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