Sunday, August 29, 2010

Omg!!!!!!!! Definitely loving weeks 6&7

Well I'm not even sure exactly where to begin! 
I'm about to start my 6th week at Uni which means midterms are just a few weeks away....ah! Uni is getting hectic and quite more busy. It can be kind of scary knowing that I've been at Uni for 6 weeks now and have not gotten one grade for anything. The system here is a lot different and exams/essays are weighed on a much higher scale. I have a few papers and a midterm just a couple weeks away, I guess I need to start hitting up the libs instead of going out as much for the time being..... 

However, there are always constant things going on to direct me away from my work. A couple weeks ago there was an International Psychology Lunch for all the international students. I got to talk about various current research projects and socialize with other students. I met a few girls and we decided to buy tickets for a rugby game soon! That will be fun. Also, last week one of my friends, Sven, had to do a project for one of his film classes. He asked a bunch of our friends to be extras in one of his short films. So we all spent the whole day helping him out. It was really fun being around everyone and real interesting to see how a production like this was created! 

 Our apartment has officially become the 'place to be.' Every night, without fail, our main door is propped open for guests to just walk in. Our kitchen/lounge area is always full of people. It's nice having people here especially when you really don't want to do homework...:) Often times we'll have movie nights and just hang out and talk. 

Last Friday I got the chance to celebrate Shabbos at the nearby Chabbad. It was definitely a little different to what I am used to, but it was real nice going on a Friday night (something I do miss from home). The Chabbad was right in the city and really beautiful. After services the Rabbi invited my friend Dafne and I to his home for dinner. I hadn't had Challah in a long time, and it was absolutely amazing!! The dinner took like 3 hours in total and there was 3 or 4 courses of food. By the time we finally left from dinner Dafne and I were so full it was ridiculous. The Rabbi's wife invited us back for break the fast for the high holidays (I think we'll take that offer!) 

This past week I turned 21!!!!!!! 
The day started at approx. 12am. My guy friends Mike, Zach, Ben, Jim, and Sam invited me over to their apartment where they had a birthday cake for me :). It was really good cake. After we devoured the cake we all went out to the casino! After playing and losing some Roulette and Black Jack we decided to go back before losing even more. 

The following morning, (since I have no school on Wednesdays) I met up with some friends at a really cute cafe in the West End area of Brisbane. It was really nice and I had some yummy hot chocolate. Afterwards, I ran home to get ready for MAMA MIA! My mom bought me a ticket to the show here in Brisbane. I had an amazing seat and absolutely loved it!! 

Once I got back, I noticed a package at my apartment. My parents sent me a few items for my birthday, including a beautiful diamond bracelet :). It is so pretty and I was really excited about it. They also sent me other items likes: mints, a dress, and BOGGLE! So I can't wait to take on everyone here in boggle. 
So thennnnn, my roommates took me out to our favorite burger place for dinner. It has become a skrumshis tradition. Two of my roommates made me pictures for my birthday and my friend Alejandra bought me an Australian shot glass, of course. It definitely was handy that night! 
Of course having a 21 birthday is not nearly the same sort of celebration in Australia as it is in the states, so we HAD to make sure it would be just as awesome. My friends and I had planned to have a huge party here for my 21st. So once we all got back from dinner, people started coming over. There was another girl who had her birthday on the same day, so we decided to make it an even bigger birthday and combine our parties at my apartment. It got absolutely crazy! Their must have been nearly 50+ people in our apartment. I felt like I was in a club. People were all over the place, in the hallways, in our rooms, everywhere! It was soooo much fun. After a few hours I made a serious dent in my absolute vodka and also had some pina colada and wine. A few of my friends brought some cakes over and we celebrated until a man from the front desk came up and told us we had to get out before he would call the police. So we left the apartment and went on our way to the club. I don't remember anything that happened after we left, but all I know is that I was a block from the club but never made it. I got too sick and friends brought me home :) 

Even though I never got to dance and club, I definitely had an amazing and very 'memorable' 21st birthday party! I can't wait to be legal in the states and celebrate my friend's 21st birthdays with them! 
Birthdays! 22 and 21!
Lastly, after I recovered and all, I had the chance to see this amazing 'Valentino' (the fashion designer) exhibit at a museum in Brisbane. The exhibit had all of his famous dresses of all time. The exhibit was extraordinary. Even for people who don't particularly like fashion, this was incredible. It was just a cool thing to see and really worth it. 

As the weeks just keep passing by I've been thinking about planning more trips to take soon. I haven't totally decided where I'll be going for spring break but it is between Singapore/Thailand and Sydney/Melbourne. All depends on travel expenses. I will decide soon enough though, because spring break here is just around the corner! I can't wait. Next week I plan to go to a nearby island called Frasier Island with some friends and maybe hit up that rugby game!

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