Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Weeks 6-till about now.

Sorry I took so long to get back to this blog. Everything got super busy since my last post, so I'll update everyone now. So much has happened since the last post that I hope I don't forget anything.

So, I did end up getting to go see a Ruby game. It was really cool watching these guys basically kill each other. No joke, I don't think I have as much appreciation for the NFL back at home anymore, they look like chickens compared to these Rugby boys. I went with a bunch of my friends and we had a great time. It was cool watching an Aussie sport.
rugby game! Go Brisbane Lions!

The next week my roommates and I threw a huge party again. It was the Brisbane River Festival. This is a big celebration of the main river here in Brisbane. We all got together and then went out to the lagoon area on the river where we watched an amazing firework show. It was honestly incredible. Fireworks shooting from 3 or 4 different places in the sky all at the same time and separately. It was soo cool, best firework show I've ever seen. Afterwards we all just hung out around the beach area.

The following week began to get really difficult. Midterms began and essays were due. Things get hectic here real quick. I didn't do much during that time period. However, on the weekend I managed to go out to more parties with my roommates and had a good time/study break.
the roomies -a night out

About a week later, my friends/roommates Alejandra and Anna and I went to the Gold Coast. Since we don't have an actual "real"  beach here in Brisey, going to the Gold Coast is a fun thing to do to get to the beach. Unfortunately, the weather got too cold to go into the ocean, but it was still a good time. We will definitely be going back in the somewhat-near future.
I couldn't stay long, however, because the jewish holidays began at sundown. I was fortunate to have a place to go for the high holidays. I went to a Chabad in the city and met some other students around my age which was nice. The Rabbi's wife invited me over to break the fast as well. I was lucky to find a family to have me over for that. I missed my friends and family from back at home though. It was different from what I'm normally used to.

Most days during the week I end up just working on school work and watching movies with my friends. Everything is really chill here. With Spring Break not too far away, everyone was getting antsy to be done with school.

Sydney and Melbourne 
It's so crazy that I got to live 2 spring breaks this year. I originally was only planning on going to Darwin (Really North Australia) for the last 4 days of break, however, my friend Sven decided last minute that we should spontaneously take a road trip to Sydney and then take a train to Melbourne and then I would fly home before going to Darwin.
I couldn't turn down that opportunity, so we left early morning on Saturday. Our friend Benjamin came along with us and the road trip began. We got to rent a huge camper van that we spent the night in. It was incredibly huge and really fun to camp in. There was a ton of space and even a bathroom/shower inside. Also, since the ride to Sydney was a 10hr ride, I began to get used to the left side of the road. It was definitely scary for the first few hours, but once my friends got a used to it, everything was fine :) On the way to Sydney we stopped at Byron Bay. Byron is known for it's paradise-like area. Unfortunately, it was a bit cloudy and too chilly to go in, but it was still pretty and a good hour break from driving!
our home for 2 days
air picture in Byron Bay
the inside of our home
Once we got to Sydney after our long drive, we were only able to spend 6 or so hours there before our train for Melbourne was due. With the little time we had we went to a little park called 'Hyde Park' we just basically walked around and enjoyed the city. We went over to Chinatown for dinner and then we were off to Melbourne.

We had to take a train to Melbourne which was another 10 hrs. Fortunately, we got to go over night so we didn't miss much day time traveling. I didn't get much sleep so by the time we arrived we were all exhausted. The hostel we stayed at was decent. We had cool roommates which was comforting.
Melbourne city at night
Sydney- Hyde Park
Our first day in Melbourne was rainy, but we still went to see the Dockland harbor area, Melbourne city, and my friend Sven and I went to see the Tim Burton exhibit. It was really cool. I got to see his early works, costumes from his movies, and various other things from his life. It was really interesting. Afterwards, we went to Little Italy for dinner which was delish.

Victoria Markets- Melbourne
The actual Bat Mobile in Batman Returns

The following day we did more sight seeing. We went to the Victoria Melbourne markets. There was so many things to buy and shop for. It was really fun for me, for the boys, not soo much.
I had to catch a plane after 2 days from Melbourne back to Brisbane so I could start packing and getting ready for my trip to Darwin!

So, I got back from Melbourne super early in the morning which gave me time to prepare for my trip to Darwin later that night.
Darwin was absolutely amazing. I feel like I really got to 'see' Australia after going there. Unlike Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane, Darwin is really far north. It is super hot there and not a large city at all. It is considered to be part of the outback. My friend Alejandra and I spent the first day there walking around, checking out various lookout spots, and going swimming at the wave pool right on the harbor. Unfortunately, we weren't able to swim in the Indian Ocean because crocodiles are that prominent in that region. We did a little bit of shopping after getting some sun and then headed to the wharf for a nice dinner.
dinner on the wharf 


The next day we woke up early to begin our guided tour. The tour was my favorite part of spring break. We first stopped at an a swamp/billabong area where we got to go on a boat and watch jumping crocodiles jump for meat. It was crazy being so close to one of those killer animals! Afterwards, We were lead by a tour guide through Kakadu National Park. This park is a few hours from Darwin and is semi-arid/desert/tropical land. Once we got to the National park we went to a few lookouts and got to overlook the entire national park. It was absolutely gorgeous.
our 4WD tour

the group in front of a termite tower
jumping crocs!

on the way to Twin Falls- Kakadu Nat. Park


When we woke up the next day, we went on a few hikes around the national park. The hiking here is much different which I had not anticipated. We were climbing and jumping over huge rocks.
It was insanely hot outside, which made hiking 10times more difficult. However, one of our hikes lead to Jim Jim Falls and we got to go for a swim in the falls! It was beautiful.

At night we sat around the camp fire and ate Kangaroo! I was quite nervous to try it, but it wasn't that bad. A bit chuey but worth trying. I had a hard time eating Kangaroo knowing that it came from such a cute animal.

Our tent had a net ceiling so we got to sleep under the stars. It was really cool. The stars were amazing at night in the national park.
Our group was made of 9 people. 2 Germans, 1 English, 1 Irish, 1 Columbian, 1 Taiwanese, and then me. It was fun being the minority for once. It was interesting listening to everyone stories. We all had to listen carefully because everyone had an accent :)
Jim Jim falls 
On the way home after the 2nd day we stopped and learned a bit about the Aboriginal culture (like the USA indians, but Australian). It was neat.

Once we got back we pretty much crashed after a heavy duty past 2 days. We went to bed early so we could be well rested for our last night in Darwin.
In the morning we got some breakfast and went souvenir shopping and just hung around our hostel. It was pretty relaxing and enjoyable around the whole Darwin area.
Our flight wasn't until really late on Sunday night so we went for a late night swim near the pool.
Camping out !
At the Darwin Sunset Markets

We got home around 6am Monday morning. I had class at 10am so I got a few hours sleep before class. I was exhausted.

Now school has resumed. With only 4 more weeks of Uni to go, I still have a lot of work to do. However, every other week starting now I'll be in Sydney (to actually tour the city), Singapore/Thailand, and then New Zealand- in that order. I'm really looking forward to the next couple months. I study during the week and then travel on weekends for the most part, it's a good plan, I think.

I can't believe the time has been traveling so fast. I'll be home in less than 2 months which seems way too soon. I really enjoy living here and the weather has been getting warmer. I only have a few weekends left in Brisbane which is sad. My friends and I will be making the best of the time we have left! I feel like there is so much more to see and I can't wait for more!!

I promise I will update my blog a lot more sooner than this past one! I miss everyone and I'll be back home on Dec.1st as an fyi. Until next time :)

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